Gabi Veldhuizen

During His Tour of Duty in the Former Yugoslavia, Gabi was not happy with the atmosphere within in the relaxation zone of the troops. So he requested that he be allowed to spin some good old fashion 50’s and 60’s tracks in the evening hours to boost morale.

Now instead of sitting quietly and feeling sad the Troops started to have more fun in the evenings with less worries about their daily jobs and missing home.

The next step for him was to convince his Leadership to give him access to an old abandoned FM station on the Base which hasn’t been used for years in order for him to reach all the Allied troops in the region with the same intention…..Play Happy Music and boost the moral.

Did it work out? Of course, it did 😊

Since his move to Slovakia his ‘Radio Career’ went on a downhill spiral due to language until he moved to Poprad in 2016 and met RTI.

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