Leigh G Banks

Leigh G Banks is the Tabloid Terror of – his background is the UK’s battered and berated national newspaper industry where he worked on some of the biggest stories of the last 30 years, hunting down Savile, Cyril Smith, the last days of the Yorkshire Ripper, the tragic death of Diana and MPs expenses scandal … he says: “Tabloid headlines are known as ‘Shouters’ and that’s what I am, a SHOUTER!

If I think it’s corrupt or just plain wrong, if it’s something people need to know, if it’s heartbreaking and tragic and even if it’s just plain funny, it’s my job to shout about it!”

Leigh has been SHOUTING on Postcard from Poprad for more than six years now and says it ‘must be the funniest serious news and consumer campaigning show ever!’ Leigh, a Manc who now lives in the UK’s real Village of the Damned, also has his own rock show, The Trip.