RTI was born on 09 April 2005, although the idea was created several years earlier. Since the enforced closure of RTI-FM the station is kept alive by a small group of highly respected and dedicated volunteer broadcast professionals.

RTI would like to expressly thank Dr. Jan Telensky for his continued support and Mr. Mark Rock founder of AudioBoom, for making RTI available to so many around the world whilst returning RTI to its rightful position of LOCAL radio for Poprad. Plus StreamUp for the excellent 24/7 stream.

Radio Tatras International would also like to thank all the quality stations who also helped keep RTI alive; TalkRadioX (USA) Breeze, Replay, A2M, WKISS, and the many others.

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to you the loyal listeners – without your support there would be no RTI. With your support a station some wished to bury arose and with your help it will not lay down again!