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"Ben Shutt, The Guy Your Mama Told You to Stay Away From" Raised in Los Angeles, California, I was fortunate enough to hear some the radio's best stations and personalities, and I listened to it religiously. From Classical to Middle of the Road, to Jazz, and, of course, to Top 40. From the age of 8 I wanted to be the guy talking on the radio, playing music, and entertaining people. Finally got my chance, in a small way when I retired and began to do some internet radio. Even graduated to broadcast radio for a few years. It's been as fun and rewarding as I had envisioned it to be as a youngster. I hope I can keep you entertained!

As a seasoned expert in House music, Hotboxx's encyclopedic knowledge and flawless mixing skills make "All The Smoke" a must-listen for any discerning lover of the dance floor. The show is a gateway to the newest House music hits as well as some carefully curated hidden gems, offering a fresh update on the genre and highlighting the talent of up-and-coming producers. With a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of House music, Hotboxx's dynamic energy and enthusiasm are palpable in every episode of "All The Smoke". As one of the most exciting DJs in the underground House music world, Hotboxx's show is a cornerstone of the genre, offering a unique perspective and a sonic journey. Whether you're a seasoned House music connoisseur or a newcomer to the scene, "All The Smoke" is a show that demands attention. Tune in and experience Hotboxx's unparalleled expertise and visionary selections as he delivers a fresh take on the genre that is sure to leave you craving more.

Listening to and playing music has always been a large part of my life. I bought my first vinyl in 1974 aged 7, by 1983 I was immersed in the UK scooter scene and began attending the rallies which boasted ex-Wigan Casino DJs on their all-nighter line-up. There was so much music that I hadn’t heard before and of course, as there was a record bar in each venue, my record collection increased although never as much as my wants list. I really get a kick out of sharing my passion for music and have enjoyed playing my 70s soul, funk and disco records to the world ever since Ady Crampton

I am Mickey B. I have lived and breath my life as a fan of Heavy Metal and Rock since I could walk and even to this day I am surprised at how many bands are coming through the ranks keeping the music of Metal And Rock alive. I produce my own 2-hour rock show […]

This is Vierka Krajňaková – her hardest job is keeping Eric in order. She also produces a wide range of programmes on RTI including Slovak Voices 23.00 (CET) every Sunday.

Since inheriting his sister’s records when he was knee-high to a grasshopper in the 70’s, Chris knew broadcasting, music and communications was the life for him, and the more buttons, levers, switches, faders and general gadgets involved the better, with his first “DJ kit” being a Bush Cassette Recorder and a Bontempi Organ, for his […]

Kontroller Project is a project of electronic music from city Donetsk (Ukraine). Composition of the project: DJ-me and sound-producers Max Nemo and Gena Zeon. We take and Play music in Progressive-Trance style. The project was formed by two friends Maksim Kapynov and Gennadiy Shkodin in 2012. Enormous work was done: the experiments with different electronic […]

Both Steve and Mal have a different points of view. Steve from America・an opinionated ego manic. Mal’s a posh English girl who drinks tea and doesn’t like Steve having the last word! It’s not only a culture clash but they confuse each other with the common words and phases they use from England and America. […]

25 years of radio hosting under my belt assigns me the voice of reason for the Blend and more. Steve has experience in a variety of media shows that range from interviews, music, and television.

Ken’s extensive radio experience is across the USA. MJ has extensive knowledge of rock and roll as well as her talent as an artist gave her incredible backstage access to all the early icons of album rock, including Cat Stevens, Alvin Lee, Jon Anderson, Donovan, Randy California, Elton John, and Ian Anderson. Her broadcasting career […]

Rachel grew up in a theatrical and musical household and caught the acting bug very early in life. By the time she was 12 she was a professional child actor in theatre and television, appearing in such gems as “Prisoner Cell Block H”, “Neighbours” and worse!!!. She was approached by a commercial radio station in the late 90’s to host a 2 hour _chat_ show with a fantastic co-host and the show lasted for a fun filled year. Rachel enjoyed the medium as it allowed her to go to work in her PJ’s and look like a train wreck if she so wished. Perhaps that is why she is BACK behind the mic!

Rick’s love of radio began at the campus radio station of a small college in New York. Drafted for the Viet Nam war, he was fortunate to be sent in the opposite direction to host afternoon drive at “The Rock of East Africa” (an American radio station in Asmara, Ethiopia). After returning to the U.S., he spent the next ten years working in commercial radio in New York and Florida. Rick then transitioned to multimedia production (hey, the money was better than radio), but when he retired, he was thrilled to find RTI FM. He had come home.

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