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Ken’s extensive radio experience is across the USA. MJ has extensive knowledge of rock and roll as well as her talent as an artist gave her incredible backstage access to all the early icons of album rock, including Cat Stevens, Alvin Lee, Jon Anderson, Donovan, Randy California, Elton John, and Ian Anderson. Her broadcasting career […]

Rachel grew up in a theatrical and musical household and caught the acting bug very early in life. By the time she was 12 she was a professional child actor in theatre and television, appearing in such gems as “Prisoner Cell Block H”, “Neighbours” and worse!!!. She was approached by a commercial radio station in the late 90’s to host a 2 hour _chat_ show with a fantastic co-host and the show lasted for a fun filled year. Rachel enjoyed the medium as it allowed her to go to work in her PJ’s and look like a train wreck if she so wished. Perhaps that is why she is BACK behind the mic!

Rick’s love of radio began at the campus radio station of a small college in New York. Drafted for the Viet Nam war, he was fortunate to be sent in the opposite direction to host afternoon drive at “The Rock of East Africa” (an American radio station in Asmara, Ethiopia). After returning to the U.S., he spent the next ten years working in commercial radio in New York and Florida. Rick then transitioned to multimedia production (hey, the money was better than radio), but when he retired, he was thrilled to find RTI FM. He had come home.

Larry London started his broadcasting career while in high school. Larry has been on the air in the US (Detroit, Boston, St. Louis, Tampa, and Los Angeles) and has also lived and worked in Asia (China, Japan, Hong Kong). He joined VOA in 2001 and a year later was the permanent host of “Border Crossings”. Larry’s daily program features requests, dedications, prize giveaways, the latest music news, and special guest interviews. Larry has interviewed over 2000 guests including Oscar winner Tom Hanks, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Adele, One Direction, Taylor Swift, and many of today’s biggest stars.

Born in Portsmouth, in the UK, Chris Jensen started his radio career with “Portsmouth Hospital Radio” in 1976, where he read the news and sports results, as well as presenting the occasional music programme. In 1979 Chris moved to live in Ireland, where he got heavily involved in the pirate radio scene there, working on a number of stations […]

Rich has spent most of his life listening to and loving music and radio, and working in the radio, music and media businesses. From high school and college radio to recent on-air work at stations like WRNJ (where he hosted The Rest of the Week with Rich Appel and filled in mornings, middays and afternoons), WGHT and Pop Gold Radio (where he’s filled in as host forThe Time Machine countdown), it’s all led up to that thing.

From the time he was a teenager, Rick Wrigley always knew that he wanted to be a broadcaster. He grew up listening to great radio stations like WPDQ and WAPE in Jacksonville Florida in the USA. His early influencers were the DJs that rocked the radio dial in the late 50s through the 70s. In […]

Massive Soul Fan and radio nut! During the late 70’s Glyn was a regular attendee at The Wigan Casino and lots of other soul nighters across the country. In 1997 Glyn began the ‘Soultastic’ Soul Club based at Alfreton Leisure Centre in Derbyshire UK attracting up to 1000 soul lovers at the regular monthly soul […]

Jeremy was bitten by the music bug when he was very young and never found the antidote. He made his first radio broadcast on a local hospital radio station aged just 16, where the more elderly patients were doubtless rather bemused by his juvenile attempts to emulate the style of the Alan Freeman Rock Show […]

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