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Born in Portsmouth, in the UK, Chris Jensen started his radio career with “Portsmouth Hospital Radio” in 1976, where he read the news and sports results, as well as presenting the occasional music programme.

In 1979 Chris moved to live in Ireland, where he got heavily involved in the pirate radio scene there, working on a number of stations based in the Irish midlands, going on to own or part-own 4 pirate radio stations, the first of which opened in 1983 and the last, a short-wave station, which was heard throughout northern Europe, closed in 2008, whilst at the same time producing recorded programmes for pirate radio stations in Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain and Chile in South America.

Chris retired from radio in 2008, though being an avid music and radio lover, is wasn’t long before he came out of retirement, but this time he decided he was doing it legally, and started presenting and producing his own Golden Oldies format radio programme.

Apart from broadcasting, Chris also likes listening to the radio, he loves music, brews his own beer, reads a lot and spectates at motor racing events.

Chris Jensen lists his radio influences as Kenny Everett and Noel Edmunds from the UK and Dale Dorman and Wolfman Jack from the USA.

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