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Dave Rhodes is the man behind the name DJR Creative, why DJR? – well they are his initials, and it seemed to work quite well! Creative, because that’s what he is!, Dave has been part of in the UK’s Media industry for over 25 years – working in Radio, TV and Video Production.

He became hooked on radio at an early age and started making mix tapes for his friends and DJing at parties at a local youth club, that gave him the chance to work on a number of local charity radio stations, it was here where he met RTI’s Eric Wiltsher, and then soon he was part of the “Satellite Surgery” and “Media Zoo” creating the jingles and co presenting, as well as hosting other shows on the station.

He’s continued to DJ, host events and work on other projects mainly behind the scenes, but he’s been tempted back to the wireless, but it’s not that bad though! – The good news is for the time being you won’t hear him waffling on at all.


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