Henry O’Donovan

“I am an Irish broadcaster trapped in the greatest country in the world, Australia! I worked with Bob Gallico as a newsreader on the great Radio Nova in Ireland back in the 1980’s

Then I started being more particular, and created BondiTunes Seventies PLUS, all seventies music for an hour, as well as my usual one hour show with music from many decades. I decided to create a chat show, where I could interview other people around the world. I also decided that they should be able to interview singers and entertainers. We called this BondiTunes CHAT.

I also changed the name to BondiTunes Music and Chat. Now we have 22 correspondents all over the world. Our shows air on 10 radio stations, from New Zealand and Australia to The USA, and of course, Europe. We are not your typical radio show. We are more “”liberal”” shall I say?

There are too many stations out there tip-toeing over issues, controlled by men in suits, and advertisers. We don’t have those restrictions. Our correspondents range from experienced broadcasters to people who have never been in front of a mic before. They are, to use an old-fashioned word, terrific! The show is rich in culture, music, frivolity, and fun! So, enjoy!”


Radio Tatras International

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