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Ben Shutt’s show

I Play Music From an Era When Music, and Listening to the Radio was Fun!! Oldies, Classic Hits, 50s-80s, Soft Rock, R&B and Soul.

The Music We Grew Up Loving, Listening To, Dancing To, and Romancing To.

Very Likely, Your Fondest Memories Will Be Recalled. :>)

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"Ben Shutt, The Guy Your Mama Told You to Stay Away From" Raised in Los Angeles, California, I was fortunate enough to hear some the radio's best stations and personalities, and I listened to it religiously. From Classical to Middle of the Road, to Jazz, and, of course, to Top 40. From the age of 8 I wanted to be the guy talking on the radio, playing music, and entertaining people. Finally got my chance, in a small way when I retired and began to do some internet radio. Even graduated to broadcast radio for a few years. It's been as fun and rewarding as I had envisioned it to be as a youngster. I hope I can keep you entertained!

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