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I started with djing since 2003 during my student time in a small student disco in Munich. Since then I mixed in a couple of bars in Munich, but mostly did djsets for online radio stations. Music is my passion and greatest hobby, so I always try to combine it with my actual job.

Antony currently has his own internet radio show called Essential House, which is doing very well on 40 plus stations around the world. Music wise, Antony is currently playing anything from Funky, Jackin, NuDisco, Soulful, Deep, Uplifting House, Old School as well as Electro House depending on the venue and most importantly the crowd and has held down residencies at some of the busiest nights in the North-East. The last few years have seen Antony playing in Ibiza for Stereo Sushi and Garlands, including guest spots for Plastik, the Plastik boat party and also Eden. He also played in Mauritius three times for Ministry of Sound alongside Stonebridge, Antoine Claraman and Jon Fitz. In September 2007 DJ Mag featured the event which was for Ministry of Sound and was one of the first international DJs to play on the island.

Since 2017, I've been very fortunate to talk to some legendry musicians and bands inc, Curtis Stigers, Mai Tai, Owen Paul, Limahl, Carol Decker, Nicki French, Andy Bennett of OCS, UB40, Nick Heyward, Right Said Fred, Cheryl Baker, Johnny Hates Jazz, D:Ream, Marty Wilde, Suzi Quattro, Charlene, Daniel James, The Vapors, & Ian Donaldson from H20, with more to come

Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC calls Sir Freddy Cannon their “Music Man,” and the name suits him well so for more than forty years in various roles in the music industry he began with his first love, Radio DJ’ing.

Johnny relaxes at the AZ Tower Studio prior to another information packed Albumzone soirée.Johnny Reece aka ‘The Guvnah’ has been broadcasting programme for various stations over the past couple of decades, to the UK, USA, Netherlands, France, and Slovakia. According to which particular source of information you read, Reece was born in either 1966, 1962, or 1958. However, when very drunk, he has attempted to claim he was born in 1973. Perhaps he doesn’t know. I say this, because I asked him, and he said “I don’t know”. This is, of course, a lie. What isn’t a lie is the fact that he has been buying Music since he was 7, boasts a personal collection of over 20,000 Albums (having run his own Record Shop in the past did rather help that) and still helps out on the production side at a record company, in between writing the odd song here and there for friends Bands. ‘Odd’ being the operative word, he insists. And the rest, as they say, is hysterical. Johnny Reece: may contain nuts.

Emperor Rosko is a well known radio presenter. Born Michael Joseph Pasternak, he is the son of Hollywood film producer Joe Pasternak. He was influenced in his career choice by KYA Radio Los Angeles DJs Emperor Hudson and Wolfman Jack. Rosko's opportunity to broadcast came whilst in the US Navy where he presented a show on an aircraft carrier. He then went to Europe and hosted sponsored programmes in France and Belgium.

Keith Lewis started his radio career on the Voice of Peace, he later joined Radio Caroline. Chis Cary's Radio Nova satellite team. A lot of people will remember him as the voice from Nova's Camberley studios during the short period that Radio Caroline loaned the Radio Nova transponder in 1991. Keith was later heard on Radio Nova International, QEFM, Buzz-FM, EKR, Merlin Network One.

Eric has been a broadcaster on numerous services including the BBC, both TV and radio. He now lives in Slovakia and has fought to keep Radio Tatras International alive and kicking even though the Slovak regulator tried to kill the station.

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