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Singer-songwriter, guitar player and music producer: British Blues Award Nominee, 2011. Member of Starlite Campbell Band and joint owner of Supertone Records.

Suzy is a bass player, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, session musician, member of the Starlite Campbell Band and joint owner of Supertone Records.

Dave has been presenting on various stations since 2010.  Having presented an eclectic range of genres. He now presents one of his fav’s.  Dave feel in love with Jazz Funk and Soul music back in the late 70's when he would sneakily play his older brothers records!  So why not join him as he takes you on a 2 hour journey of late 70's and early 80's Old School Jazz Funk, Soul & Disco. Rare Grooves to get your feet moving.  If you were clubbing, then you would have definitely been dancing to these tracks!

After a long and successful career in Management for Logistics and Vehicle Rental Companies, and ending up with an MBA for my troubles, I stumbled over my true calling. Which is playing great music on the radio. And that is where you can always find me, in a Studio somewhere, preparing, producing or presenting a music show on the radio. And I just love it!!

Dave Edwards has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having started as many do, in Hospital Radio...

Geoff started his career at the age of 13 and within five years was one of the Mecca Group's top DJs, being used as their opening act for their new venues nationwide. During the '60s when package tours were at the height of their popularity, Geoff could be found compering shows with Animals, Kinks, Spencer Davis, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, and for the second-ever Led Zeppelin show.

“I am an Irish broadcaster trapped in the greatest country in the world, Australia! I worked with Bob Gallico as a newsreader on the great Radio Nova in Ireland back in the 1980’s Then I started being more particular, and created BondiTunes Seventies PLUS, all seventies music for an hour, as well as my usual […]

At first, it seemed that Czechoslovakian Jan Telensky had his life set out for him. Born under communist rule in 1948, he was banned from following his religion, and was told, at the age of six, to “forget about school” and concentrate on earning money as a miner or bricklayer. Telensky, however, had other ideas. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the Prague uprising, and fought against the Soviet invasion of 1968, flinging stones at tanks and Russian army officers as they passed. Within months, however, he was forced to flee. Facing a bleak future, he acquired a forged passport under an assumed name and got on a flight to Britain. As it turned out, that was a good move. He now presides over an empire of his own, stretching from the UK to Slovakia.

A cockney chappy, hailing from the bustling metropolis, Carnaby Cat now resides in a Cattery in East Anglia named Carnaby Cat House, protected by two large stone lions. He is a middle-aged mocker (a cross between a mod and a rocker for those not in the know) who gets younger by the day.

Like many radio presenters of a ‘certain age’, I caught the radio ‘bug’ when I listened to the pirates in the 1960s on my ‘tranny’. The jingles were my favourite part and ‘Big L’ had the best ones.

After a short period of retirement the barmy brummy returns to the wireless. Keith is a member of RTI’s Friday Night is Music Night team.

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